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Spazio Futuro

Re-retail – Spazio Futuro, roberto Bramati’s next challenge

Spazio Futuro is a multidisciplinary group founded in 1999, made up of companies that specialise in a range of technical sectors, operating in the fields of project management, food & beverage consultancy, pilotage, design / engineering, construction and buildings systems.

Other areas include studying new formats, contract / turn-key stores and retail chains, environmental sustainability, restructuring, technical inspections and surveys, logistical services for construction and tenant support (pro-rata services), building practices and in general, all the technical services related to construction.

spazio futuro nave de vero centro commerciale marghera

The Group is led by its President, architect Roberto Bramati, who is also President of the Food & Food Court commission for the Italian Council of Shopping Centres. Spazio Futuro has always stood out for its know-how and the high professionalism of its technical staff that operate right across the board, capable time and time again of meeting clients’ needs to a high performance level, thanks also to key experiences gained by intervening in objectively complex situations such as airports, shopping malls, listed buildings, etc., adapting to new scenarios imposed by a growing and diversifying market. All this has enabled the Group to consolidate a broad customer base over time, and it is no coincidence that it still collaborates with the same partners today as yesterday, which have continued to provide reliable partnerships and a full and continuous cooperation.

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Rassegna stampa, Spazio Futuro