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Spazio Futuro

Re-Retail – Interview with Anna Momesso – Technical solutions and environmentally friendly solutions: green performance and profit

A virtuous approach to sustainability also includes a competitive strategy for shopping center developers that generates tangible benefits. ECO-FRIENDLY SOLUTIONS AND TECHNIQUES FOR SHOPPING CENTER SUSTAINABILITY PERFORMANCE. A shopping center is a microcosm where, for better or for worse, the environmental impact of the building itself combines with the many activities that take place inside, […]

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Spazio Futuro

Re-retail – Spazio Futuro, roberto Bramati’s next challenge

Spazio Futuro is a multidisciplinary group founded in 1999, made up of companies that specialise in a range of technical sectors, operating in the fields of project management, food & beverage consultancy, pilotage, design / engineering, construction and buildings systems. Other areas include studying new formats, contract / turn-key stores and retail chains, environmental sustainability, restructuring, technical inspections and surveys, logistical services for construction and tenant […]

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