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Shops and chains

The Spazio Futuro Group has been operating for almost thirty years in the areas of Design and Construction of retail industry stores.

Our service Contract Shops guarantees you the turnkey realization of your project.

Together, we will assess how to create a new attractive image for your business, providing a swift and low-cost service. On the other hand, for a completely new project, you’ll be able to count on experienced retail professionals.

You can either choose one of our services, or you can choose to have a full package and deal with one partner. Our network-infrastructure operates on the national level, in city centers, Malls, Outlets and Retail Parks. Our experience in the field puts us in a perfect position to solve any problems concerning design, bureaucratic authorization and general organization.

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 Spazio Futuro creates unique projects. Our architects and designers will develop creative, customized, innovative and functional solutions, perfect for any commercial and architectural space. They will also design a coordinated brand image, a service that arises from the need to complement architectural elements with a strong corporate identity and communication elements. We design original furnishing elements that are also very functional, aiming to be either as efficient or as cost-effective as possible, which is fundamental especially when planning new projects.


  • Food and Retail Store design (technical and brand image design)
  • Design of new Format and their standardization and engineering
  • Corporate image design
  • Manual Construction design with various formats of prototypes
  • Complete Furnishing design
  • Engineered furniture design
  • Electrical, water/sanitation systems design


  • Safety coordination during planning and construction, according to Article 91 of the D.L.81/08, paragraph 1. A.), B.), C.), D.), E.), F.) and 2.
  • Periodic on-site inspections to verify compliance with safety legislation on temporary and mobile construction sites, including the preparation of inspection reports.


  • We take care of any administrative procedures and mandatory municipal authorizations at the national level (private construction, ASL, construction authority, Fire Department Authorizations)
  • We offer construction site assistance and management
  • We deal with Pilotage services, Store owners, Shopping Mall Management, workers, and public administrations.


We create new Formats, from the prototype to a standardized and replicable version. A team of talented architects can implement creative, innovative and functional solutions for any commercial and architectural space, where the style of your furnishing is consistent with your overall image: a service that comes from the need to combine architectural elements with a strong communication strategy that completes the brand experience of your store. When we design a space, besides the architectural aspects, we never forget that these are working areas and, therefore, rational and functional spaces and furniture.


A customer can choose to buy a full package of several different services and, therefore, deal with a single partner.


Our turnkey solution was created to provide the customer with a full service and only one operator who will manage the entire project, whether it be one or more outlets of a small or a large business chain. Flexibility is our main asset, which allows us to meet all the needs of a customer who wishes to use the various services that we offer. Our network-infrastructure operates at the national level, which allows our group to offer the same costs throughout the country.


  • Full “turnkey” contract;
  • Partial contract: we manage the companies chosen by the Customer;
  • Individual services or interventions (e.g., Construction work / equipment / etc.);
  • Supply of standard and custom furnishings;
  • Supply of restaurant equipment.

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