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Bar and Restaurants

The Spazio Futuro Group has been working for almost thirty years in the fields of Design, Construction, and Contract of bars and restaurants across Italy and in most European countries, both in city centers and inside Shopping Malls, Outlets and Retail Parks.

Thanks to this experience, we can work with bar and restaurant owners and managers to:

    If you decide to start a new business, contact us! We can help you every step of the way, from developing a quick pre-draft project to choosing the most suitable furniture. We can also supply construction work and plant building, depending on your needs.
    We will collaboratively assess how to create a new and attractive image. We will provide a low-cost, swift service, with as little trouble as possible.

Renovating your bar

If you want to renovate your bar counter and update its equipment, our technicians will quickly provide an affordable quotation. We work with the leading suppliers of mass-produced equipment and furniture, as well as choose skilled and reliable craftsmen for more customized solutions. If you need to adapt the electrical system and/or the plumbing or if you need to renovate your property (redo floors and/or fixtures or windows, adjust the architectural space, etc.), please call us. Thanks to their experience, our staff will be able to carry out rapid and low-cost on-the- spot inspections, and possibly interventions. Fill in the form at the bottom of this page and we will get in touch with you.


We can assist you from the start, carrying out on-the- spot inspections to draw up a master plan, taking into consideration the actual size and constraints of the new location. We can create unique projects, thanks to a pool of experienced architects who can implement creative, customized, functional and innovative solutions. We are able to design a coordinated brand image of the new building, also including communication elements that will help to complete the project. We can help you in handling all administrative practices, saving you time and money and ensuring your goal. We pay particular attention at lowering costs and reducing times.


Renovating any business store requires short and defined times to minimize loss of income due to the store being unable to open. Our designers’ skills and experience can guarantee that the set goals will be reached. Starting with on-the- spot inspections and proper planning of each intervention, all work will be clearly scheduled to guarantee compliance with the estimated costs and timing. We can design custom furniture coordinated with the already existent image of the restaurant or, if required, with a completely new image. We can also help you handle the administrative procedures, saving you time and money and ensuring the final result.


Starting with a proper on-the- spot inspection, we can design a custom project for furniture, including any equipment, or an engineering/construction project that takes into account the actual size and the constraints of the new location. We can create unique projects, thanks to a pool of skilled architects who can offer creative, customized, functional and innovative solutions. The Spazio Futuro Group can design your new image and communication strategy and help you with the related administrative duties. We also pay particular attention to lowering costs and reducing times, which is fundamental especially when planning new projects. To avoid any problems while carrying out the construction work, our company can deliver a “turnkey” new location.


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