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Re-Retail – Interview with Anna Momesso – Technical solutions and environmentally friendly solutions: green performance and profit

A virtuous approach to sustainability also includes a competitive strategy for shopping center developers that generates tangible benefits.


A shopping center is a microcosm where, for better or for worse, the environmental impact of the building itself combines with the many activities that take place inside, along with the socio-economic model represented by shopping centers themselves.
For this reason, the eco-compatibility of shopping centers should be assessed not only in relation to the environmental impact of the building itself, but also in relation to the impact of the products sold inside the shopping centre, to the pollution generated from transportation, to usage and social patterns, to labor relations, to the effective use of economic resources and the ability to adapt to the changing structure of our society, not leaving behind abandoned buildings nor deserting commercial areas.

It’s important that the sustainability issue is addressed in a comprehensive manner, first developing the resilience of city centers (capacity of transforming, adapting and absorbing external impacts with minimal costs and damage), as well as, obviously, in the general interest of our environment. It is necessary to find effective eco-friendly technical solutions, but also a new mental approach.

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