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Support and services

The Spazio Futuro Group can offer all the following services:

Design and planning

Integrated architectural design, construction engineering and equipment engineering, from the preliminary project up to the final as-built drawings.

Advanced and professional support for design and construction engineering, equipment, electrical and plumbing systems, and logistics.

Sustainable engineering, green architecture, and BREEAM consultancy (Building Research Establishment’s Environmental Assessment Method) by licenced Assessor.

Developing and designing new buildings/shops and developing renovation projects for shopping centers commissioned by international brands in the retail field.

Structural/constructive/architectural consulting.

Design of new commercial format.

Design of furnishings/supplies, product engineering/product standardization development consulting.

Technical inspections, surveys and paperwork.

Support and safety


  • Planning and interventions aimed at cost reduction;
  • Planning and interventions aimed at energy cost reduction;
  • Environmental impact assessment according to BREEAM protocol.


  • Safety coordination during the design stage (art. 91 of Decree Law 81/08, paragraph 1a), 1b) and 2);
  • Safety coordination during the execution stage (Art. 92 of Decree Law 81/08, paragraph 1.a.), b.), c.), d.), and.), f.) and 2);
  • Supervision of construction work (art. 90);
  • Periodic on-site inspections and audits to monitor compliance with safety legislation, including the drafting of inspection reports.


  • Assistance and on-site management, supervision.
  • Meeting with the pilotage staff, Shopping Center management, public authorities, and workers.


  • Applications for construction authorizations (ASL, Fire Department, Land Registry, Superintendence);
  • Preliminary meetings;
  • Meeting with public authorities responsible for issuing the authorizations.