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Restaurants, shops and clinics

Dental clinics and dental centers

In the past five years, the Spazio Futuro Group has specialized in the design and implementation of “ready to use” chains of clinics and dental clinics.
Our network-infrastructure operates on the national level.
Clients who choose our “ready to use” service only have to deal with a single partner, maintaining an excellent quality/price ratio.
We take care of everything, from the on-site inspection to the layout design, from bureaucratic authorizations to work implementation, always respecting scheduled times and cost containment.

cliniche dentistiche spazio futuro
Our specialized technicians assist our clients in all pre- and post-opening stages and during implementation.

  1. On-site inspections;
  2. Preparatory meeting with public authorities to obtain bureaucratic permits (Municipality, ASL, etc.)
  3. Gaining approval from condo and shopping center owners;
  4. Designing a work plan and budget (construction, managing and maintenance);
  5. Coordination, building site assistance, construction site supervision
  6. Safety
  7. Scheduled and unexpected maintenance
  8. Framework contracts